Company culture is a hard-to-define-yet-so-real concept. So real, in fact that it often determines the trajectory of an enterprise’s growth or even whether that enterprise succeeds. The genetic makeup of a company –  the beliefs and behaviors that shape its identity, values and goals– are all summed up in that company’s culture.  It shapes how employees interact with their work, with one another and with the outside world.

A positive company culture encourages creativity, nurtures innovation and promotes growth. It gives employees the freedom to enjoy their work in an environment in which both praise and constructive criticism are two-way streets – they move from management to employees and vice versa. Companies with a positive culture enjoy remarkable employee retention rates, high job satisfaction, flourishing of ideas and a solid foundation on which company strategy can be implemented.

On the other hand, high employee turnover, poor job performance and low morale are the hallmarks of a negative company culture. Innovation is stifled as ideas are buried under the weight of negativity and criticism, and employees’ inability to express opinions creates an environment of discomfort where the company itself cannot grow.

Coaching can play a powerful role in changing corporate culture, and with coaching from Corporate Alchemists, you can build a positive culture within your company, one in which employees are free to develop the skills and behaviors required to embed innovation into the core of your business.

We coach companies to promote culture change by enhancing employee commitment, articulating company vision, mission and values in a way that resonates with employees and by encouraging collaboration.

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